Extra Comfy Sandals

Below you'll find our most comfortable sandals all in one place. Whether you're looking for a comfortable walking sandal or something sparkly for summer evenings, we've got ladies comfy sandals covered!

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Women's Extra Comfy Sandals

Comfy ladies sandals

What makes our sandals so wonderfully comfortable? We combine excellent materials, unbeatable underfoot comfort and lightweight, bouncy soles to make every pair a joy to wear.

Comfortable walking sandals

When summer calls out to your active side, Avon and Aire are the perfect comfy flat sandals! With flexible, spongy PU injected soles you’ll be quite literally walking on bubbles. Suede underfoot and adjustable, padded straps take these sandals to the next level of comfort. Though their flexible soles mean they’re not ideal for rough terrain where you might need a tougher sole.

Lovely light leather sandals

Super-lightweight soles with colourful soft leather uppers, our comfortable leather sandals boast 5mm foam cushioning and super-soft suede underfoot. Many of our leather comfort sandals have a slight wedge making them ideal for all day wear, relieving aching legs which can be antagonised by totally flat sandals.

The contours of cork footbed sandals

With soft cork, contoured to offer both toe and arch support our cork-footbed sandals are shock absorbent, bouncy and lightweight. Beneath the sustainably sourced, natural cork footbed is a hidden 4mm layer of foam which offers extra padding, making these some of the most comfortable summer sandals we design.

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