It's no secret that at Moshulu we love to create colourful shoes, covered in our unique vibrant patterns to put a smile on your face. 

Our designers don't just create beautiful looking footwear, though. Everything we make is packed with features expertly designed to make your shoes as comfortable and durable as possible. We're so proud of what we make, we want to tell you a little bit more about these hidden secrets and give you a behind the scenes peek at 'What Makes it Moshulu'!

Spring into bouncy Canvas

Our flexible canvas shoes bring the ultimate in day-to-day comfort, but what makes them so good?!

Each pair has a generous amount of underfoot foam, and rubber soles that are bouncy and flexible. The cotton canvas upper material is breathable and soft (even softer after a few wears!) so your feet stay fresh and comfortable all day.

Ladies Moshulu colourful canvas trainers
Ladies leather extra comfy sandals

Our famously good comfort sandals

You’re spoilt for choice with our biggest ever range of comfort sandals this season! But what makes them so comfy? All of our sandals are comfortable, they wouldn’t be Moshulu if they weren’t, but our specifically designed comfort sandals take things to the next level.

With suede underfoot for grip and breathability, a whopping 5mm of foam and incredibly super-lightweight PU soles which are hand-finished for total individuality, nothing can rival these bestselling styles.

Our naturally nice cork footbeds

Our cork footbed sandals, created in the same family-run factory in Spain for the last 20 years, are made from natural cork. The bark from cork trees is sustainably harvested and combined with naturally occurring latex to create a beautiful finished product.

What makes Moshulu’s cork footbeds so good? To this lightweight and supportive footbed we add sumptuous suede underfoot and a generous 4.5mm of high quality foam, all complimented by a lightweight, flexible and grippy EVA sole. Choose from a range of soft leather or suede uppers for ultimate comfort and breathability. A simple construction made with quality materials and a good helping of family tradition.

Ladies leather cork footbed sandals