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The Smile Scale

Here at Moshulu we try to put a smile into everything we do, from the cheerful colours our products come in, to offering free returns and loyalty rewards to our customers. With smiles making up a big part of what we do, we thought it would be fun to see what makes everyone smile and in turn create The Smile Scale.

Did you know that we smile 11 times a day?

That’s the average number of times that we in Britain smile each day, which adds up to a whopping 232,000 times over a lifetime.

We’ve been conducting ‘smile research’ into the secret behind happiness – specifically what makes us smile and why we smile so regularly (and it’s not just new shoes!) We asked 2,000 lovely people about their own smile style, with some very interesting results!

Would you smile at a stranger?

Strolling along the high street, at the supermarket or walking the dog in the park, would you smile at a stranger?

8 out of 10 lovely people in our survey said they’d happily smile at a stranger and that on average they did this up to 8 times a day - now that’s what we call sharing a smile!

What makes us smile the most?

When we asked our Moshulu HQ team this question the unified response was ‘cake’; so we ate cake and then took a peek at what the nation had to say on the merry matter. Summer sunshine was voted most likely to trigger a grin, closely followed by a friendly compliment from a stranger and flicking back through treasured old photographs.

We’d love to be able to summon the sun on days when our toes are feeling sandal ready, but not everything that makes us smile is within our control. That’s not to say that we can’t brighten the everyday for a friend; holding the door, giving a compliment and writing a nice note to a loved one were voted some of the cheeriest ‘little things’ we can all do to share a smile.

What do the experts say?

We wanted to learn more about what smiling means for our health so we teamed up with Dr. Jessamy Hibberd, a leading Chartered Clinical Psychologist, to help make sense of the results of our survey.


"It’s interesting to see that the majority of people think that they should smile at least 7 times a day in order to feel happy and content.  While smiling is something that we do often subconsciously, we should be considering it as an important part of our day. We’ve all heard about the ‘five a day’ rule for fruit and veg, but the ‘importance of 7 a day’ when it comes to smiles is just as real - the benefits on positive mental health are immense."

Dr. Jessamy Hibberd

The Importance of ‘7 A Day’ – Moshulu Happiness Maths

Smiling has a huge amount of real value. When the number of times you smile every day is added up, it can have great benefits to overall happiness! Take a look at our smile scale below and tot up your smile score.