We won’t pull the (100% natural) wool over your eyes.

We know the environment is incredibly important to the vast majority of our customers, as it is to us. We also know that the comfort and quality of our footwear is paramount. We work hard to find an appropriate balance between being ethically and environmentally responsible, and producing the footwear which you know and love. Here you’ll find information about what we’re doing to strike that balance. 

Gold Rated Leather
Most of our footwear uppers are made from natural leather, which unlike artificial polyurethane (PU) leathers, is long lasting and biodegradable. We also use cotton uppers on our trainers and textile uppers, including wool, on our slippers. Soles are predominantly made from rubber, PU or EVA.
What we’re doing : We are actively researching and testing the use of recycled rubber in our soles and the use of organic cotton in our canvas uppers.

Is leather environmentally friendly?
Yes, and no. Leather is a wonderful, natural material and a by-product of the meat industry. It is biodegradable over a number of years. Buying leather footwear means you are investing in something to last as opposed to a ‘throwaway’ cheaper alternative. However, the leather tanning process can use a number of chemicals. To ensure we work responsibility for both the environment and the communities where our leather is tanned, we endeavour to use tanneries which have been audited by the Leather Working Group.

The Leather Working Group is an organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the tanning industry. 68.8% of our AW20 footwear range is sourced from Gold Standard LWG tanneries. 100% of our handbag leather is sourced from Gold Standard LWG tanneries. What we’re doing : We’re working hard to increase the percentage of LWG audited tanneries we work with, by actively encouraging our factories to become members of the LWG.

Slow Fashion
We never consider footwear a throwaway item. 48% of our customers told us their slippers had lasted them 3-10 years. All of our footwear is designed and manufactured to last. From timeless designs to rigorous testing, when you buy Moshulu footwear you can be confident of it lasting you several years.

For a few years we’ve been using plastic delivery bags made of 30% consumer waste, which means clean materials which would have gone to landfill can be given a second lease of life. However we recognise that these bags are still made from new plastic and so the next evolution in our delivery bags is to have them made with Green PE, which is a type of polyethylene made with sugar cane as opposed to fossil oil. This means that for every tonne of Green PE produced 3.09 tons of CO2 is captured, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Green PE is also 100% recyclable and manufactured right here in the UK. You’ll see our Green PE bags coming into circulation from late 2020, we expect to be using this carbon negative material for over 80% of our deliveries by the end of 2021.

Our store carrier bags are made from FSC paper, meaning it has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

What we’re doing : We’re also working with our factories to remove any unnecessary plastics from packaging inside boxes, whilst maintaining excellent quality standards.

Closed loop recycling
We endeavour to introduce a closed loop recycling process for plastic waste at our head office. This means any plastic waste from across the business will be sorted, collected and wherever possible re-manufactured into new products.

What else?
- Our head office building is fitted with solar panels which account for approximately 30% of the energy used on site and you’ll find electric car charging points in the car park.
- We’ve been using one of the UK’s most sustainable printing companies, St Austell Print, for several years, they’ve won numerous awards for their green efforts.
- In 2020 we introduced a range of knitwear made from repreve, which is a super-soft recycled yarn made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles.

Do you do any vegan products?
Yes. We have a range of vegan slippers which contain no animal materials or animal based glues.