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Sole Style

We believe that colourful things make everyone happy, and we're right!

As lovers of colour, pattern and all things cheerful we have been researching the connections between your personality and your style. In our 'Sole Style' study of over 1000 women we found that ladies who wear colourful clothes and patterns are happier in general.

Those who choose to wear colour instead of black considered themselves to be over 20% happier than those who wear only black and almost half (49%) of women who would wear colourful, contrasting prints said they were very happy in life, as opposed to just 19% of women who said they would not experiment with prints.

Sounds like a cheerful wardrobe challenge to us!


What do the experts say?

Leading Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jessamy Hibberd says,

What’s interesting in this study is how colour can be linked with perceived happiness and the suggestion that colour is more likely to be worn when in a good mood. Bright colours and patterns may be a way to put yourself in a better mood.”

Dr Hibberd

Extrovert or Introvert?

But are we predisposed to our wardrobe choices? We found that introverted women are 30% less likely to wear bright colours than extroverts, instead opting for classic, simple styles with over 20% more introverted women choosing plain clothes and the colour black.

Extroverted women were more likely to plan their outfits with 35% of women choosing to match shoes and accessories compared to 28% of introverts.

Also, the bolder choice of wearing contrasting patterns was 10% more likely in extroverts research found.

Typically personality traits associated with extroverts are; outgoing, socially confident, talkative, friendly, approachable and easy to get to know, whilst introverted personality traits are typically quiet, shy, enjoying time alone, more sensitive to stimuli and sensitive to overstimulation, contemplative and quietly well informed.”

“It follows then that extroverted women would wear more eye catching colours and patterns, whilst introverts are more inclined to draw less attention to themselves.”,

Dr Jessamy tells us.


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Upliftingly almost an equal number of introverts (34%) and extroverts (30%) say that they just wear what they like! Bucking the trends and throwing their outfits together to wear what they want.

Just over 30% of those surveyed recognised the term ambivert.

Tickled Pink?

Our survey found that black is the nation’s favourite colour to wear, with over a quarter saying it’s their go-to colour, multi-coloured outfits came in a close second with 20% of votes and blue just behind with 19% of women saying it was their colour of choice.


Top 5 colours the UK loves to wear;

  1. Black - 28%
  2. Multi - 20%
  3. Blue - 19%
  4. Purple -10%
  5. Red - 8%

Black doesn't have to be boring! Take a look at blogger Katie Kirk's blog, showing how to wear monochrome in bold or more subtle ways.


 Colours influence our energy and our mood. We also have personal associations with colour for example blue reminding us of a summer’s day and orange of sunrises or sunsets.”

Says Clinical Psychologist Dr. Hibberd,

“Potentially, experiences growing up that we link to colour and dress will also influence our decisions, for example if you’re from a family that dressed more conservatively you may be inclined to replicate this in your own choices.”

Barry the bee

Did you know that 66-75 year olds enjoy colour the most and it's making them happy?

The most colourful of the lovely women we surveyed were 66-75 year olds with just under 9 out of 10 saying black wasn’t their go-to colour. Researchers found that this group also considered themselves to be the most happy with 84% saying they were moderately to very happy.

Most colourful ages;

  1. 66-75
  2. 56-65
  3. 46-55
  4. 26-35
  5. 36-45
9 out of 10 66-75 year olds prefer not to wear black

We’re really pleased to see that colour and happiness are linked, it’s a huge part of what we do as a brand. Overall we’re glad that a large proportion of the women surveyed are happy to wear whatever they like, that’s what it’s about after all, being comfortable in your own ‘Sole Style’.”

Shaun Fulls, Brand Director

Barry the bee

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This research comes after we uncovered the Top 40 things that make us smile at the end of 2017.

Are you dressing happy?