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Cookie Policy


This cookie policy lets you know how we use cookies on our website to improve your experience as a customer and how we use any personal information such as your location or IP address which may be collected by cookies. You may also like to view our privacy policy which also sets out other ways in which we look after and use your personal information.  

What are cookies?  

A cookie is a very small piece of information that a website stores to save and collect basic information. They may interact with other elements on a page such a special pixels to allow us to see which pages are visited or if an action is taken such as adding a product to a basket. 

Essential Cookies 

Many cookies are essential to the operation of our website such as those that manage the shopping bag, assist in navigating the checkout or allow you to create an account. We need these cookies to allow you to place your order as the website won’t function if you disable them. 

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies are used to improve your website experience and also to help us make the website better. This includes the use of analytics services such as Google Analytics to provide usage statistics such as the location, devices and software used to browse our sites as well as which pages are visited and how our users find us on the internet. 

Preference Cookies 

Preference Cookies are also used to improve your website experience by making it more personal for example by recording your recent product searches and the running of our Refer-a-Friend scheme. We may also use this information to improve our products or product ranges. Preference cookies allow us to highlight products or services which may interest you including displaying advertisements on this and other websites.

Cookies and Emails

When we communicate by email we use cookies or similar technology to determine how those emails are received. For example we are able to determine if emails are opened, when and where that happens and the devices used. This helps us design emails which are more suited to you. If you prefer not to receive emails from us you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Disabling/Deleting Cookies

Our website is designed to work with all types of cookie enabled although you can disable or configure your cookie settings in your website browser. We can’t do this for you. Depending on your browser it may be possible to only turn off some cookies rather than all of them although if you turn off certain cookies our website may not work. We cannot provide details of how to do this on the many website browsers that exist. Information about managing cookies on the most popular browsers can be found at or in your browsers’ help information. If you only wish to disable Google Analytics information you can download Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on which is available for many popular browsers.

Links to other websites

This cookie policy does not cover the links within this site linking to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit.