Fall for fern

Like woodland moss, khaki and olive tones, fern is a muted colour that pairs brilliantly with both wearable everyday shades and flashes of a vivid pink or a rainstorm blue. We love fern with our staple autumn reds, camels and browns and it also looks gorgeous against prints and textures.

Gorgeous greens

Taking its cue from nature, imagine how lovely this shade will look on long walks through the forest or with jeans and a cosy cable knit sweater. Look out for lovely scarves with touches of fern beautifully woven into pretty Moshulu patterns.

We've several comfy and gorgeous ankle boots to choose from, all with added Moshulu charm! Try beautiful Breeze, a suede desert boot with pretty floral embossing or opt for the hard-wearing Perrine 2.

Nightjar mid-calf boots in Fern
Boots and shoes in Fern green

Wild ferns...

Imagine strolling through lush forest paths in a pair of warm and cosy biker-esque boots. Now in fern for autumn, the waxy 'leafkicker' leather and soft textile lined Nightjar mid-calf boots are sure to melt away any cold weather blues.

Perrine chukka boots in Fern

Fabulous Florals

This season we've found a new way to add a splash our favourite shade of green to our accessories, with our new gorgeous pattern Fern Rose! Our favourite oilcloth bags Arabesque, Arcade & Dixieland have been adorned with Fern Rose, along with Angelica and Gypsophilia, our new cute cosmetic bag and purse.

Suede shoes Valley in Fern

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    Nightjar - FERN



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    Fruit Drop 2 - FERN NUBUCK



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    Bourbon 2 - FERN NUBUCK



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    Valley - FERN



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