Here at Moshulu we believe that colourful things make everyone happy...

Which is why we design our products to be comfortable, fun and colourful!

Our Story

Devon is a lovely place to think about creating smiles, and our family business has grown from our love of this county's holiday spirit. It gives us the inspiration to create our colourful products, and since 1997 we've been sharing this love of colour with our customers.

Where we began

In 1974 Henry and Jenny Fulls purchased a footwear import business based in Woodbury, Devon. This sparked a passion for all things 'shoe' which in turn spread to their three sons. 40 years, a re-brand, two websites and over 35 stores later Moshulu has become a brand known and loved by its customers for quality, colour and shoes that make you smile!

Shoes that make you smile

We think about the perfect recipe every time we design a shoe. Using the best leather and fabrics, comfy cushioning underfoot, and beautifully flexible and bouncy soles, we make every style the best it can be, each with a splash of Moshulu colour!

Our ethos

We believe;

  • In putting a smile into every day
  • That colourful things make everyone happy
  • In fairness and honesty

Our History

1974 - Henry Fulls purchased Ware & Sons, a footwear importer based in Woodbury, Devon. Henry and his wife Jenny are today Chairman and Company Secretary of Moshulu

1997 - Daryl, Neal and Shaun, Henry and Jenny's three sons, decided that shoes needed to be a bit more interesting and so Moshulu was born

2001 - Henry Hunt joined our Moshulu family as Sales Director

2004 - Moshulu HQ moved to a shiny new site in Honiton, Devon

2007 - Moshulu's 10th Anniversary

2008 - Fashionably late, Moshulu stepped into the 21st century with the launch of our first ever website

2012 - In 2012, Moshulu has a complete makeover. We unveiled our clean, bright, colourful new look to reflect us as a company and our ever growing colourful range of footwear

2017 - We celebrated our 20th Anniversary with new store openings and the launch of our new and improved website